Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Online Reputation Management- Brand Promotion is the Key to Success

Online Reputation Management is quite popular these days. Promoting your website online is just not enough. Maintaining reputation of your brand may not only grow your business more but also helps you to build faith in the world of internet. Brand promotion is the key to success.

It has following techniques:-

1. Research if there are any negative reviews about your website. If you find it then you must need to resolve it at the beginning by dealing with the clients or customers, who has written such negative things about your brand. Once the issue has been resolved, ask them to remove negative reviews that they had written. But this is not that simple, as how simple it look.

2. Make 5-10 such websites or blogs related to your brand and keep promoting it through various SEO & SMO techniques to make a solid hold of your brand over the Internet.

3. Don't forget to add a testimonial column in your website and keep updating it with the positive testimonials from the various clients or customers, those who are satisfy with the services or products that your brand offers.

4. You could also post such positive testimonials on various forums related to your website. This is just the simple and easy way to promote your brand over the Internet. But so many testimonials from one IP address may count as spam. So, you could use any paid IP changer software to change the IP address for each of the testimonial you post.

5. Last but not the least, use Negative SEO techniques. Try and target those links that has negative reviews about your brand.

Hope this post will help you to maintain online reputation of your website. Please feel free to comment and ask whatever you feel like.