Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rank Website in Hours! SEO Tips and Tricks!!

These days everybody of us heard a lot about online promotion of website to get lead generation for product and services a website offer. People are more into online promotion. This field is growing so rapidly. But have your ever thought about it?

How do they promote website? How website comes up in the Search Engine in hours?

Today I will teach you how you could rank website in hours in top 10 of Google search results. I will explain it all step by step. Before i move further, i would like to introduce about the technology used for promoting a website in hours. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing the visibility of  website through organic means on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more. 

Which computer language would be more search engine friendly and how important is website design?

Java is more secure, fast, reliable, user friendly and search engine friendly. But due to its complexity and higher costing most of the people avoid developing their website in it.

People prefer to build their website in .Net or PHP these days. They are more user friendly, robust, search engine friendly and reliable. They are simple and easy to understand in terms of their coding structure. Moreover, cost for developing a website in .Net and PHP wouldn't cost that much as compared to Java.

So novice users who are planning to start their website can go for .Net or PHP if they can't afford to pay that much for Java.

Now once you have decided about the computer language in which you want to develop your website.

Another important factor is the design of the website. The more you put money in designing your website. More longer user will tend to stay to search about the various products and services website offer. Hence less bounce rate and engagement of users to your website for long. Search Engine give preference to those websites which are having user friendly design and structure. Mind it.

SEO or Search Engine optimization process is divided into two major parts:-

1. On Page Optimization
2. Off Page Optimization

On Page Optimization- Tips and Tricks to rank website in Hours. 

Website Domain- Choose a domain name which is short and it should not exactly match to the keyword that you want to promote for your website.

Canonical Issue- 301 redirect for non www URL to www and also 301 redirect other similar pages like /index, /home, /main to your main domain name.

Keyword Research- Choose keywords with the help of Google's adword keyword planner tool which are having high search engine searches and less competition. Always take care of location specific keyword, make use of Broad, Exact and Phase match checklist for researching the keywords in better way. Also, keyword should be relevant to the webpage.

Webpage URL- Put your keyword into your webpage URL using dashes as a separation of each word. e.g. should be the URL for the keyword SEO Services.

Webpage Title- It should be of 60-70 characters. Make use of keyword proximity, prominence and keyword stuffing while writing title of each webpage. Put keywords in title, also put synonym of your keyword and make use of Pipe ( | ) to separate each keyword.

Webpage Description- It should be of 150-160 characters. Make use of keywords in it while writing description. Avoid using keyword more than once. Make use of synonyms for your keyword if you can.

Webpage Keywords- Put 3-5 keywords related to your URL, title, description and content on the webpage.

Webpage H1 tag- Make use of H1 header tag and put your keyword into it. It should be meaningful that make sense.

Alt Tag- Make use of alt tag in all the images/photos on each webpage. Put keyword into the alt tag, make sure the photo is also related to the keyword that you put into alt tag.

Webpage Content- Content is the key these days to rank website in hours. It has to be unique and informational that would catch the eye of the users who will engage to the website. Put keywords in it and take care of keyword density while you put keywords into content that you write. Keyword density should not more than 2-3 %.

Webpage Copyright- Put your main keyword into the copyright section of your webpage.

Sitemap- Its important to put xml sitemap in the root of your server. Xml sitmap is for search engines. Also, make one HTML sitemap on your website. HTML sitemap is for humans. Users can have an idea about overall website through this HTML sitemap.

Reviews Column- Always put reviews or testimonials column on your website which is connected to all the webpages. Search engine give a lot of preference to client's reviews these days. More better the reviews for your website. More better would be the ranking. Reviews are the best way to rank website in hours.

404 Custom Page- It is also important to create 404 custom page that shows up by itself when any of your website URL is showing 404 page not found error. Through this custom 404 page the user will remain in your website if any of your webpage URL will not work properly.

After completion of all the above mentioned on page activities. Now its time to move further on Off page optimization activities for your website.

Off Page Optimization- Tips and Tricks to rank website in Hours. 

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